EOS Lip Balm Influencers Appeal

The success of EOS Lip Balm was, in part, due to their cultivated expertise in influencer marketing. Like other companies in the beauty space, EOS advertised in magazines and in television ads. However, they also became experts in influencer marketing to reach their desired demographic of females between the ages of 25 and 35 who were style conscious.

Millennials, like previous generations, are heavily influenced by celebrities. The modern era has introduced a new set of celebrities that are not just movie stars, television stars, or rock stars. They are a part of a new segment of celebrity known as bloggers who share their experience with products through blogs, vlogs (video blogs), and on social media platforms. These groups of people are what are known in marketing as, the innovators. They discover the cool, new product and attract the masses to use it too.

The company generated buzz for the product by contacting Well-known celebrity bloggers. It was through the blogs, vlogs, Facebook, and Instagram endorsements that they were able to reach a large market for their lip balm. It also helped to land product placement deals with top celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera, and Kim Kardashian. EOS Lip Balm also sponsored a tour for Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift was their spokesperson for the Asian market. https://skincare-au.com/collections/eos

Jonathan Teller, co-founders of EOS Lip Balm, told Fast Company, “We became the largest advertiser in our category.” Celebrity endorsements grew EOS’ own social media channels. They have over 1.8 million Instagram followers and nearly 7 million Facebook fans. One picture of a new lip balm flavor can receive over 40,000 likes. This growth was only possible through very intentional and purposeful marketing targeted to their ideal customer, and has placed EOS as a top expert of influencer marketing in the world. Visit your local Target outlet, head over to eBay.com or Amazon.com to purchase an EOS lip balm.

John Goullet’s Perspectives on the Role of the Productive Paranoia Principle in Entrepreneurship

John Goullet is an American IT staffing executive with over 20 years of collective experience. Goullet currently works as the principal executive of one of the leading IT staffing enterprises in the U.S. known as Diversant, LLC. He attributes his successful IT staffing career to his ability to evaluate competitors in the industry and emulate professional standards.

Goullet’s passion for IT staffing began back in the 1990s. He came up with Info Technologies as a company that matches clients with skilled IT professionals. John Goullet ran the operations of the company as the senior executive. He facilitated the company’s growth during his executive tenure and what John knows.

Info Technologies was honored two times by Inc Magazine. The company had secured a spot on the magazine’s fastest-rising private ventures in the U.S. Info Technologies grew into a firm that understands the corporate world. Besides serving as CEO of Diversant, John Goullet also chairs the company’s executive board.

Work Principles

Throughout his over two decades career, John Goullet believes that productivity in a business venture relies on time management. He usually begins his morning in the gym and ensures that by 8 AM, he is set for office work. Goullet enjoys reading news articles focusing on the progress of companies in the labor markets. Most of these articles usually speak about the shortage of competent IT professionals in the U.S. and more information click here.

Through Diversant, LLC, Goullet evaluates the skill sets that companies require. Goullet also pays close attention to the technologies released in the labor markets. According to him, as technology advances, Diversant, LLC, usually records an increase in customers seeking IT professionals. Goullet urges business owners to focus on strengthening collaboration among their workers and His Website.


According to John Goullet, the productive paranoia principle is one of the keys to entrepreneurial success. Goullet is a huge fan of Jim Collins’ books themed on this principle. In one of Collins’ books titled Good to Great, embracing competition is healthy for productivity in businesses.

Regarding hiring, Goullet believes that employees working for a company should be diligent and committed to work. He also urges business executive to formulate training, management and mentoring programs for new hires.

Mike Baur Helps Entrepreneurs Build Businesses

Mike Baur is fully aware of what it takes to make a business run successfully. He has started the Swiss Startup Factory because there are a lot of entrepreneurs that have good ideas that are underdeveloped. They have a desire to go into business, but they may have no idea about what direction they need to take once they get their business started.

With his 360 accelerator program for the Swiss Startup Factory Mike Baur is helping many people see the error of their ways. He is the person that people talk to when they want to find out more about funding their business. Sometimes it may take small business loans. At other times it may take adventure capitalist efforts. There are other scenarios where it may take a little of both in order to get a business running.

What Mike Baur and his team at the Swiss startup Factory have been able to do is help entrepreneurs develop a clear-cut path for what their business should look like. Many people that are trying to develop a business plan will also need help from Mike Baur and his team of consultants. Mike Baur has put people in place that can help entrepreneurs fine-tune a business plan that they may have already had in place.

It never hurts to get more help from others that have already gone through situations that you may be facing for the first time. In fact, this is the whole purpose of why Mike Baur started the Swiss Startup Factory 360 accelerator program. He knew that there would be entrepreneurs that would want to get their business started quickly and develop a customer base, but he knows that this is something that cannot be done quickly without help.

The fastest way to build up any business is by getting a team of experienced professionals that have already sorted out the trial and error. People that are aware of marketing and sales forecasting are going to be vital to the success of any business venture.

Mike Baur has all of these different types of people in place that can help more entrepreneurs that are starting for the first time. He knows the business well, and he has worked in banking for a decade so he is well aware of what it takes to be approved for certain loans. He knows what it takes to build a business.


Hussain Sajiwani the Dubai’s Real Estate Developer

Hussain Sajiwani is a real estate developer who is a resident of Emirates. He founded the Damac Properties in 2002, a real estate development firm. The primary purpose that led to the founding of the Damac Properties in 2002 is to exploit the opportunity that allowed foreigners to own properties in the Emirates.

His key target customers are non-Emirate apartment customers. Immediately after acquiring a piece of land that was undeveloped in particular part of the town, he managed to sell the units in his first 38 stories residential building in a record time of fewer than six months before commencing construction.

Hussain Sajiwani has helped market Dubai as the glittering destination. He is commonly referred to as the Donald Trump of Emirates. In 2013, he developed two branded golf courses after teamed up with Donald Trump. The Trump International Golf Course Dubai was opened in February 2017.

It is located at Damac’s Akoya, the firms’ residential development area. The second golf course is the Trump World Golf Course; it is scheduled to open at a separate Damac development by the end of 2018. According to Donald Trump, Sajiwani offered him a $2 billion real estate deal that he turned down; Trump said this soon after he was elected as the 45th president of United States.

The Dubai real estate developer was brought up in Dubai in a middle-class business family. His father was a businessman with an outlet at the local area of Souk. He was selling watches, shirts, Parker pens and other good imported from China. Read more: Hussain Sajwani | Crunchbase

It is from his father’s shop that he learned the art of doing business; during most of his free afternoon, he would go to the store. His mother, on the other hand, went door to door in the neighborhood selling products to women. He recalls that the conversation during the dinner table was often based on the business.

Though Sajiwani is very successful real estate developer; he began his entrepreneur journey in the food service business. He still owns the catering firm to date, it is known as Global Logistics Services.

The company’s primary customers include the Bechtel, which is an American company, the military amongst others. Hussain Sajiwani has been a successful businessman due to his excellent business acumen, an ability that enables him to identify business opportunities.

Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family: http://www.thenational.ae/business/industry-insights/property/damac-chairman-relishes-his-roots

A Look at the Copa Star Hospital

The Copa Star Hospital is a state-of-the-art hospital that is situated in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The hospital has been constructed using the latest technology. It hopes to be the best center for neurology and cardiology in Brazil. Patients do not need to fly to far places to look for specialized care. The Copa star offers all that. Patients are guaranteed the best medical attention during their stay at the hospital. Copa Star has been fitted with the top quality treatment machines. The hospital has modern ICUs. Patients can be monitored by the highly trained medical staff of the hospital.

The medical staff at the Copa Star Hospital has been trained thoroughly to offer the best medical care. They have also been trained on how to handle the state-of-the-art equipment at the hospital. The Copa Star Hospital has the latest operating rooms that have incorporated MRIs that enable doctors to see the medical scans of a patient at the time of surgery. The hospital also has hybrid rooms for patients who need extensive surgery. They ensure that patients get the best medical care. The sophisticated technology of the hospital enables surgeons to transmit images to professionals all over the world seeking their opinions that could affect the outcome of the surgeries.

The recovery rooms for patients have been fitted with the most comfortable furniture that helps in the recovery of patients. The hospital also offers accommodation to relatives of patients who wish to stay by their side as they recover. Each patient is given an iPad that they use to communicate with the doctors and nurses. Patients can also use the iPad to change the lighting of the room and to open and close the curtains. The Copa Star hospital has been constructed to look and feel like a five-star hotel. The hospital has a dining area that is well decorated for patients. It offers healthy and outstanding cuisine.

Learn more: http://economia.estadao.com.br/noticias/releases-ae,com-a-melhor-tecnologia-em-saude-e-impecavel-estrutura-o-hospital-copa-star-e-conceito-em-atendimento,70001678343

The environment at the Copa Star Hospital has been designed to improve the comfort of patients and provide tranquility. Roderigo Sambaguy was the contracted architect of the hospital. It took three years to complete construction. The hospital has incorporated energy efficient measures so as to bring down energy consumption by 50% and to conserve the climate. The walls of the Copa Star Hospital have been constructed using cement to maximize insulation. The corridors of the hospital have been decorated to create a serene environment for the patients. There are outdoor sitting places where patients can relax and enjoy the outdoors. The Hospital Copa Star has ensured that all their patients get total privacy during their stay at the hospital. This makes it the ideal place for celebrities and high-end individuals. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

Shopping For Special Occasions At Manaira Shopping Mall

It is very likely for one to have a special someone or group that he wants to get gifts for. He might want to get one gift or a set of gifts. The only thing is to figure out where to get the gifts. Perhaps he has already figured out what to get the people in his life, but he just doesn’t know where to go. In many cases, one is going to have to ride around and visit many shops in order to get the gifts that he intends to get for his group. For most people that is going to require a lot of driving or walking.

Fortunately, there is an alternative for people who live in the right spot. This alternative is Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. This mall is owned by Roberto Santiago. He has expanded the shop in many ways so that more companies can open up locations. There is a great diversity of stores in the mall. This makes it easier for people to buy the types of products that they want to get the important people in their lives for special occasions. For one thing, there are many different occasions to shop at Manaira Mall for. Read more articles on Blog Do Gordinho

Among the special occasions that people would go to Manaira Mall for include holidays, birthdays, parties and many other occasion. Therefore, Manaira Shopping mall is going to have a lot of customers at all times, because there is always a reason to shop there. Also, people can find a wide variety of stores without having to travel to different shopping centers. This makes Manaira Shopping mall the one-stop shopping center for every need.

There are a ton of special occasions that people could use in order to go to Manaira Shopping mall. Not all of these occasions have to be buying something. People could actually celebrate at the mall. All it takes is creativity since Manaira Mall was made for the creative minded people to enjoy their time and actually do everything they want. Manaira Mall is a very exciting place to go to. People will be glad to have visited and bought what they needed.

Learn more https://noticias.terra.com.br/dino/mangabeira-shopping-a-arquitetura-moderna-do-empresario-roberto-santiago,8ba6bbfce8f96a8a6d2e9c8cd89995e6roy03gbk.html

Ain’t No Group Better Than The OSI Group

The OSI Group is a company that processes food and is headquartered in Aurora Illinois. Since 1909, the OSI Group has been providing consumers with delicious top of the line food.

Their food processing methods are like no other. This is why they have been in business for so long. Not only do they offer high quality foods, they also focus on providing the highest quality of foods to consumers. Essentially they are able to process almost any type of food.

Like OSI Group on Facebook.

The OSI Group is known throughout the food industry. Companies such as Subway, and Pizza Hut have all done business with the OSI Group. In fact, McDonald’s was one of their first clients. Companies such as KFC have also used the OSI Group’s services. The OSI Group is a national and international company. The fact of the matter is that the OSI Group can be found in North America, Europe, and Asia.

They can be found in 17 countries total. Due to such high standards, the OSI Group has earned plenty of awards. This holds true especially in the area of food safety. The OSI group has some of the most strict policies pertaining to food processing in the industry. As a result, there is no other company that comes close in food processing safety. Annually, their facilities undergo audits to ensure they are delivering the utmost standards. The OSI Group also uses sensory evaluation to make sure the quality and the taste of the food are up to par.

Find more about the company at https://www.monster.com/jobs/c-osi-group.aspx.

Tips And Tricks To Simplify Party Planning

Throwing a party can be stressful. You have to get the food, decorations, guest list, and everything together and on time. This is even more stressful if you have to do it by yourself. Save yourself that headache by following these easy tips to make the whole process a lot easier. Good luck!


Create a fun and engaging theme. Nothing is too much, let your creativity be your guide. For example you can throw a 20’s party, have a clown theme, or design a Paris themed party. You can even design a cocktail to fit the theme. You can make a fancy Paris themed Champagne drink. Keeping with the theme do not forget to send out invites and get party favors. Guests that receive invites have something to look forward to and party favors are a nice gesture of gratitude of guests coming. Keep them simple and fun.


When it comes to the tables and food, keep it simple and delicious. Decor can be colorful, but does not have to smack someone in the face with complexity. It’s most likely that guests won’t focus on the decor, but other people. It’s really about celebrating each other. When it comes to the food, stuff like caprese salad, or crackers and cheese are super simple and easy to prepare. Guest can try more of a variety of food if it is in small bites. It is also playful and fun. If drinks are involved offer a self-serve bar for the adult folks. They will appreciate that they can choose their own favorite beverages, rather than having to settle for something they do not like. Keep the little ones entertained with a kids table. Display fun and colorful things to do so they don’t bug their parents the whole time. You can even set up a kid friendly movie in the other room to keep them happy.


Looking for an event planner in the New York City area? Twenty Three Layers is the way to go. They have lots of experience and an eye for detail that can’t be beat. They are a full-service event planning and design firm that provides clients with only the best service in the biz.


Twenty Three Layers can accommodate an kind of client. They cater corporate events, businesses, and people who just want to throw a party with a little help from an event planning company.

The Golden Career of the Baltimore Leading Realtor Todd Lubar

Finally, the real estate market in Baltimore is showing signs of a return to normalcy. Banks have arbitrated sales, and this has prompted a 7% bounce back in home prices. Modifications made by the stakeholders resulted in friendlier terms and conditions to the consumers. Prices rose about 6% from April 2015 – May 2016.

Todd Lubar had an interest in real estate for ages. He started this career after graduating from the University of Syracuse. Todd started up as the loan originator in Crestar Mortgage Corporation and then went on to become an expert in conservative mortgage banking. He formed an excellent rapport with real estate agents, CPA’s, financial planners and insurance agents to tap more information.

In 1999 Todd took up a senior position with a leading company (Legacy Financial Group). Few years after, he launched his company, Legendary Properties, LLC. The primary purpose was to sell, rehabilitate, purchase, and earn a profit from the prime residences targeting low to high-income people.

He then went ahead and opened up Charter Funding. After several years he noticed that the traditional lenders like banks weren’t fair to the disadvantaged individuals who desired to own homes. He started legendary Financial LLC, services. Todd had other business like scrap metal recycling, commercial demolition.

Who is Todd Lubar?

Todd is a well-established Businessman in Maryland, who has made a great impact on the real estate sector. Todd has been on the rank on top twenty-five influential on the property in the country. He attended the University of Syracuse and graduated with a BA in speech communication. See, http://www.toddlubar.com/.

Career Achievements

  • In 1995 his first employment was in Crestar Mortgage Corporation and worked as the loan originator.
  • In 1999 Todd worked with Legacy Financial Group where he grew the Maryland office which started producing over 100million dollars in twelve months over loan volumes.
  • He continued to work with the Charter Funding as their senior vice president in 2005
  • He founded the Legendary Properties, LLC and also Legendary Financial, LLC services that incorporated to become Legendary investments and is also the senior VP.
  • He is the current president of TDL Global Ventures

To learn more about Todd Lubar, check out his social pages on Facebook and Crunchbase.

Go Fabletics, Beat Amazon

We Americans are odd. We love success almost as much as we love an underdog.

Take Fabletics and Amazon as an example. Amazon was a young upstart once, fighting the brick and mortar retail foundations of our country. It could have crashed and burned, but we all know how that story has gone. Amazon is a household name. Most of us have the trademark curved arrow boxes around the house and it’s difficult to find anyone who has not ordered from the Amazon jungle.


As a result of diligent effort and perseverance, Amazon has become a giant and now commands 20% of the clothing Ecommerce market.


Enter Fabletics, a small start-up, designed to appeal to fitness fashionistas who want to keep in shape in the most current styles available. Fabletics has similar roots to Amazon. Rather than going the physical store route, Fabletics elected to go directly to Ecommerce, thereby building an electronic customer base before opening any actual stores, exactly as Amazon did.


The twist on the story is called reverse showrooming. The Fabletics and Amazon showrooms are electronic; there was no mall store customers could visit to try on and touch the merchandise. Stores such as Macy’s began with physical entities, call them showrooms, and progressed to electronic stores based on their success as actual showrooms.


Here is where Fabletics takes another interesting turn in their success story. Rather than simply offering customers their line of clothing through advertising and the Internet, Fabletics sought to garner a strong customer base through subscription. Fabletics debuted their fashion-forward line of fitness apparel by offering steeply discounted, quality clothing to customers willing to open a subscription with them.

This Fabletics shopping club is called the VIP club. To sell this concept, Fabletics had to take reverse showrooming another step, relying on their confidence in the quality of their product and the excellence of their customer service. VIP membership entitles members to the excellent value initial purchase and a monthly, curated outfit delivered to the customer’s door.


To make this work, Fabletics had to develop excellent customer service and a very liberal VIP membership policy. They knew that their customers would not be happy receiving piles of unwanted clothing identical to the clothing their neighbors were receiving every month. Fabletics added customization to the VIP deal. They track what customers like and how they use the provided clothing through observation of their purchases and quizzes on their preferences. With this information, Fabletics was able to offer a curated, fashionable, quality delivery to each customer each month.

With this dedicated VIP base on which to rely, Fabletics is now opening stores in malls and towns around the country. The combination of online and physical stores is giving Amazon a challenge for that 20% of the clothing market they have been used to command.


Fabletics will never be another Amazon; that is not their goal or desire. However, they are coming from behind with interesting marketing ideas to face the Amazon Goliath and doing so with admirable success.