Jason Halpern Continues the Family Business

The real estate industry has become very competitive especially in today’s highly industrialized world. In great economies like the United States, the industry has grown in tremendous dimensions and with the rising population the need for accommodation is greatly increasing the demand. As a result, construction developers are on high demand. Jason Halpern is one of the greatest and highly sought construction developers in the United States. He is a 46 years old real estate businessman with very valuable skills in the construction industry. One of his greatest attributes is drawn from his family background. He was born in a family that has been running a construction business for almost half a century.

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason’s father taught him the right skills in the business and he prepared him to head the family business after he was gone. Soon after Jason Father’s death in 1980, he took over and led the company for a decade. However, the company was later acquired by Reckson Associates, a move that prompted Jason to rise to the occasion and start his own company. He founded the JMH Development Company and began to work hard to make a name for himself. With the expertise he had gathered while in his father’s company, he was able to push his way up to the high levels in the construction industry. Jason’s prowess has enabled him to be part of the world’s most admired constructions.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

He is a well-known developer whose passion for elegance and quality is unmatched. Some of his great achievements include the Aloft South Beach in Miami. This magnificent building is a host to 235 hotel rooms and it has a state of the art outdoor swimming pool within the compound. Jason has mastered the art of reviving old structures and remodeling them to become new elegant buildings. This is another area in the construction business that the great developer has really excelled. One of the notable projects that he has renovated is an old warehouse in New York which he has remodeled to develop modern rental apartments. His career is currently on the upward scale and his business is growing by the day.

The Golden Career of the Baltimore Leading Realtor Todd Lubar

Finally, the real estate market in Baltimore is showing signs of a return to normalcy. Banks have arbitrated sales, and this has prompted a 7% bounce back in home prices. Modifications made by the stakeholders resulted in friendlier terms and conditions to the consumers. Prices rose about 6% from April 2015 – May 2016.

Todd Lubar had an interest in real estate for ages. He started this career after graduating from the University of Syracuse. Todd started up as the loan originator in Crestar Mortgage Corporation and then went on to become an expert in conservative mortgage banking. He formed an excellent rapport with real estate agents, CPA’s, financial planners and insurance agents to tap more information.

In 1999 Todd took up a senior position with a leading company (Legacy Financial Group). Few years after, he launched his company, Legendary Properties, LLC. The primary purpose was to sell, rehabilitate, purchase, and earn a profit from the prime residences targeting low to high-income people.

He then went ahead and opened up Charter Funding. After several years he noticed that the traditional lenders like banks weren’t fair to the disadvantaged individuals who desired to own homes. He started legendary Financial LLC, services. Todd had other business like scrap metal recycling, commercial demolition.

Who is Todd Lubar?

Todd is a well-established Businessman in Maryland, who has made a great impact on the real estate sector. Todd has been on the rank on top twenty-five influential on the property in the country. He attended the University of Syracuse and graduated with a BA in speech communication. See, http://www.toddlubar.com/.

Career Achievements

  • In 1995 his first employment was in Crestar Mortgage Corporation and worked as the loan originator.
  • In 1999 Todd worked with Legacy Financial Group where he grew the Maryland office which started producing over 100million dollars in twelve months over loan volumes.
  • He continued to work with the Charter Funding as their senior vice president in 2005
  • He founded the Legendary Properties, LLC and also Legendary Financial, LLC services that incorporated to become Legendary investments and is also the senior VP.
  • He is the current president of TDL Global Ventures

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