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Fabletics for Every Woman

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When you are looking at getting a great exercise outfit that works for you, you should look at Fabletics and how they can help. You just might realize how great and easy they are are for you.   Subscription Fabletics started online with a subscription service. They still are a service like this and help women to get the clothing…

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Fabletics is Taking Over the Internet

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When you think of exercise clothing, you probably think of Fabletics. It’s been online for a while now and has made itself known as one of the top brands of exercise clothing. You might be wondering how it works and how their new stores are taking on some of the big guns of clothing.   How Fabletics Works The way…

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EOS Lip Balm Influencers Appeal

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The success of EOS Lip Balm was, in part, due to their cultivated expertise in influencer marketing. Like other companies in the beauty space, EOS advertised in magazines and in television ads. However, they also became experts in influencer marketing to reach their desired demographic of females between the ages of 25 and 35 who were style conscious. Millennials, like…

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Go Fabletics, Beat Amazon

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We Americans are odd. We love success almost as much as we love an underdog. Take Fabletics and Amazon as an example. Amazon was a young upstart once, fighting the brick and mortar retail foundations of our country. It could have crashed and burned, but we all know how that story has gone. Amazon is a household name. Most of…

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