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Jason Hope And The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope is an Arizona based futurist who hopes that the internet of things theory will benefit the world in a big way. However, his main focus is the hospitality industry. The internet of things refers to all devices that are network-enabled and have a two-way communication. These devices include any device with minute transponders, refrigerators, pacemakers, home thermostat among…

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Know About Aloha Construction and its Philanthropic Activities

Aloha Construction is a company that is family-owned, and which operates in the southern Wisconsin and Illinois areas. The company comprises a team of experts in different field such as inspectors, field supervisors, claim specialists as well as installers. These professionals have worked together all these years to provide their clients with top-notch services. The company prides itself in completing…

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Avaaz Campaigns Are Helping The World Unite

Avaaz is an activist network that has become the world’s largest online organization. In several Middle Eastern, Asian and European languages, Avaaz means “voice.” Their goal is to close the gap between citizens of all nations. They encourage you to take action and speak on national issues such as: conflict, climate change, poverty and corruption. Avaaz allows thousands of individual…

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Sheldon Lavine Seeks to Grow OSI Group to an International Power House

Sheldon Lavine is a professional with a good reputation earned from his ability to build and lead business empires. Mr. Sheldon Lavin currently runs OSI Group as the Chief Executive Officer. OSI Group is a meat processing company that owns OSI International Foods as well as OSI Industries. Having been an outsider in this field, Mr. Sheldon entered this market…

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Oraneg Coast College Helps The Environment With A New Recycling Center

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Recycling is an integral part of the future of the world if the negative effects humans have on the planet are to be negated. Orange Coast College is hoping to play an important part in protecting the environment of Southern California with the opening of a new five-acre recycling facility at its main campus; Orange Coast has been involved in…

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Desiree Perez Proves That The Music Industry Needs More Women Executives

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It is not easy being a woman in the music industry. No one knows that better than Roc Nation and Tidal executive Desiree Perez. All too often the only roles that women are believed to be able to play in the entertainment industry is as singing talent that is a moneymaker for a record label rather than being a deal…

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Crossing Musical Styles with Viper’s Cassio Audi

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The genre of heavy metal is known for its driving beats and rhythms created by some of the best-known drummers in the world, including the former Viper drummer and Brazilian financial specialist, Cassio Audi. In the digital age, we live in Cassio Audi is best-known by the majority of Brazilians as an investment specialist willing to bring the secrets of…

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Beneful Dog Food is One of Walmarts Top Brands

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One of the most popular lines of dog food on the market today is Purina’s Beneful brand. The brand is available most everywhere but most commonly found in the aisle’s of mega retailer, Walmart. Beneful believes that starting with delicious, high quality ingredients as the base of their dog food leads to the best dog food in the market! For…

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