Reasons behind Big Donations by Devo’s Family

In the West Michigan, it is uncommon to find a great name from material things that one owns, but how much they give to support the society. Devo’s family name has always remained at the pinnacle among the philanthropists due to the huge donations they give to support the community. Van Mendel Major is also one of the key philanthropists in the West Michigan as he has also supported quite some programs through huge donations.


Reasons behind Huge Donations


Forbes has always made frustrate attempts to come up with the actual amount of donations that Devos family has made over a certain period. Forbes came up with a record which stated that in 2014, DeVos family donated a total of $94 million. That claim placed DeVos family in the 20th position out of the philanthropists that live in West Michigan. One of the main reasons why the family donate such big amounts of money is quite obvious. Currently, the family has five foundations that they have to support, and they can best do that through donations.


Coordination among the Five Foundations


The five foundations that are all founded and run by the DeVos family have always worked together since the founding. Being that the foundations are all made to support the community, they share a lot in common, and that is why they got to work closely. All the five foundations focus majorly on giving and supporting projects that are initiated In West Michigan. Each of the foundations owned by the DeVos family always takes part in the arrangements for the donations done by the family. A good example is the $2.6 million donation that has been made by the Doug and Maria’s foundation in just the past five years.


DeVos Family has a strong background of giving to support various projects in the community. It is due to that history that the family finds it quite easy to donate huge amounts of money to initiate and support projects that are meant to support the community. The foundations that are founded by the DeVos family support politics and education in the West Michigan. Again, the fact that they own quite some foundations is an ideal explanation as to why the DeVos family make donations. It is believed that they are the pillars that support their foundations, that way, they have to do the donations so that their foundations get to survive and meet their key goals.


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