Jason Hope And The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope is an Arizona based futurist who hopes that the internet of things theory will benefit the world in a big way. However, his main focus is the hospitality industry.

The internet of things refers to all devices that are network-enabled and have a two-way communication. These devices include any device with minute transponders, refrigerators, pacemakers, home thermostat among others. The tech industry has embraced this theory as a means of development for smart devices. The internet technology has brought much advancement in communication and services associated with tablets and Smartphones. This includes applications such as Tinder and OKCupid which have changed the dating scene. The transport industry has also had a revolution through software applications such as Zipcar, Lyft, Uber and his Linkedin.

Jason Hope holds the opinion that if the hotel industry follows suit then it stands the chance of gaining a lot from it. In 2009, 0.9 billion units had already been installed and by 2020 26 billion units are projected to be up. These statistics were provided by Gartner, Inc. which is an IT research and advisory firm. A world economic worth of 1.9 trillion dollars is expected from 300 billion dollars revenue from the internet of things products and service suppliers.

Examples of how this theory can be utilized efficiently in the hospitality industry include:

Linking a Smartphone to the A/C and heating system to your hotel room in order to control it easily.

Software that can recognize recurring guests facially. This will be useful to a receptionist or front office manager for ease of finding out the guest’s special preferences. The hotel personnel will also be able to provide better service to such a guest.

Software for a guest profile with personal interests will be beneficial in the hospitality industry. This is because guests will fill it with their favorite drinks, snack and meals in advance. This ensures the hotel is better prepared with their service, and more information click here.



Jason Hope is a futurist, entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. The Arizona based futurist is also the founder of a beneficial grant program. He has donated to the SENS Research Foundation, Arizona Science Center and many others. Jason Hope attended the Arizona State University and has a degree in finance from the institution. He also has an MBA from Carey School of Business which is in the same institution.

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