Avaaz Campaigns Are Helping The World Unite

Avaaz is an activist network that has become the world’s largest online organization. In several Middle Eastern, Asian and European languages, Avaaz means “voice.” Their goal is to close the gap between citizens of all nations. They encourage you to take action and speak on national issues such as: conflict, climate change, poverty and corruption. Avaaz allows thousands of individual efforts via the internet to be combined and more information click here.

They campaign in over fifteen languages with a team on six continents. They lobby governments, sign petitions, fund media campaigns and organize events and protests. Every year, Avaaz takes member polls to determine priorities of the issues. Initiatives that garner a large response will be given first priority. From there, that campaign can take part within days or hours. The Avaaz staff will develop campaign strategies and then send out informative alerts to all of its members. They can then proceed to arrange funded ad campaigns, petition signing and whatever else is required. Avaaz works closely with its members before making a final decision. This is how they are able to make the most successful campaigns that will effect the broader world. They believe that a massive public outcry can make a big difference. With the help of its members, Avaaz is able to work in all countries speaking out on all issues and follow their Twitter.

No government corporation funds are accepted to prevent them from pushing their own agenda. This is why Avaaz accepts funds from members only. If you are a member that disagrees with a particular campaign, you are not required to participate. Avaaz is committed to human beings first and the responsibilities we have to the planet and future generations. Avaaz hopes to close the gap from the world in the hopes to obtain one that we all want to live in and learn more about Avaaz.

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