Sheldon Lavine Seeks to Grow OSI Group to an International Power House

Sheldon Lavine is a professional with a good reputation earned from his ability to build and lead business empires. Mr. Sheldon Lavin currently runs OSI Group as the Chief Executive Officer. OSI Group is a meat processing company that owns OSI International Foods as well as OSI Industries. Having been an outsider in this field, Mr. Sheldon entered this market and carved a niche for himself. He has worked as a financial executive in the field of banking and finance. Mr. Sheldon plunged himself in the meat industry back in 1970 and worked as a financial consultant for Otto and Sons Company, which was facing financial problems.

Owning OSI Group

His significant envelopment with Otto and Sons saw him become a business partner, eventually becoming the owner. Otto and Sons eventually became OSI Group and continued its upward trajectory. Under Sheldon’s tenure, OSI Group has managed to have operations in different parts of the globe that includes Japan, India, North America South Africa, Philippines, Australia and Europe. According to Mr. Sheldon, OSI is an entrepreneurial company which operates as a family; a culture that he says has helped the company’s business. OSI Provides protein products as well as some baked goods, sauces and vegetable items.

His inspiration to start business dates back to his school days when he wanted to build a company that could offer the masses with the food products they use daily. To achieve this target, Mr. Sheldon decided to delve in financial consultancy, which landed him a contract with Otto and Sons, a company he would own later. Under Sheldon’s leadership, OSI Group has been able to utilize the recent technologies to reach a wider market base. They have made good use of internet marketing and social media advertising. This has resulted from the efforts of a special team that keenly follows the technological trends.

Business Accolades and Philanthropy

His excellence in business performance and leadership has earned him several awards. He is a philanthropist who donates money to the Ronald McDonald House Foundation. These charity endeavors have also been recognized. Mr. Sheldon has also enabled OSI Group to get recognition through a list of environmental and sustainability awards. He looks forward to inspiring upcoming corporate leaders in dedicating the growth of their companies to contribute to the growth of worldwide commerce responsibly. Together with his wife, they are blessed with three children. Mr. Sheldon is proud of raising that family and exponentially growing his business.