Beneful Dog Food is One of Walmarts Top Brands

One of the most popular lines of dog food on the market today is Purina’s Beneful brand. The brand is available most everywhere but most commonly found in the aisle’s of mega retailer, Walmart. Beneful believes that starting with delicious, high quality ingredients as the base of their dog food leads to the best dog food in the market!

For example, Purina Beneful Healthy weight comes in one flavor that features real salmon. Real salmon helps your dog maintain his health as well as keep a full, shiny coat and well nourished joints. It also has a high concentration of omega fatty acids that provide wonderful flavor and an added health benefit and learn more about Beneful.

Walmart frequently has a multitude of specials on dog food by Beneful, including their famous “roll back” prices that come around every now and again. In addition, Walmart now offers 100% free two day shipping on a variety of Beneful dog food lines with no membership fee and more information click here.