Cameron Clokies Amazing Bone Reconstruction Procedure

Cameron Clokie is an entrepreneur, a scientist, a teacher and a surgeon. He currently works as a professor at the University of Toronto. He specializes in maxillofacial and oral surgery and is the head of his department. Dr. Clokie is a graduate of McGill University where he first earned his DDS in 1985. He additionally earned a Ph.D. in bone regeneration in relation to interface development. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

Dr. Clokie has been a contributor to numerous different publications and lectures internationally. The topics include technology transfers and oral regeneration. He founded a bone research group at McGill University in 1993 and is actively involved in developing and evaluating new technologies for bone regeneration.

His goal is the development of technologies enabling new bone regeneration and growth. Dr. Clokie is working towards developing bioimplants. Eventually this will eliminate the need for autogenous bone grafting.

Dr. Clokie has a busy and successful clinical practice specializing in Maxillofacial and oral surgeries. His practice is located in Toronto, Ohio and he focuses on bone regeneration and facial reconstruction.

Due to Dr. Clokie Peter Russel has regrown seven centimeters of bone. The are of regrowth is located on the lower right side of his jaw and is the result of a revolutionary new treatment. He originally lost part of his jaw due to a benign tumor. He feels he has been blessed and now he has the ability to move forward. He toasted the new treatment with a glass of wine and a smile.

Mr. Russel is among eight Canadian patients who has been through this new method to regenerate bone. The process may change plastic reconstructive surgery forever. The process involves a protein with the ability of seducing adult stem cells into the formation of bone tissue. Mr. Clokie pioneered this technique and it has resulted in the resetting of the skeletal clock of the jaw.

He has found they way to coax bones to grow in the same way they grow in a new baby. He has taken bone growth back to the embryonic state. His patients actually regrow a jaw that is exactly the same as the one they had previously.

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