Tips And Tricks To Simplify Party Planning

Throwing a party can be stressful. You have to get the food, decorations, guest list, and everything together and on time. This is even more stressful if you have to do it by yourself. Save yourself that headache by following these easy tips to make the whole process a lot easier. Good luck!


Create a fun and engaging theme. Nothing is too much, let your creativity be your guide. For example you can throw a 20’s party, have a clown theme, or design a Paris themed party. You can even design a cocktail to fit the theme. You can make a fancy Paris themed Champagne drink. Keeping with the theme do not forget to send out invites and get party favors. Guests that receive invites have something to look forward to and party favors are a nice gesture of gratitude of guests coming. Keep them simple and fun.


When it comes to the tables and food, keep it simple and delicious. Decor can be colorful, but does not have to smack someone in the face with complexity. It’s most likely that guests won’t focus on the decor, but other people. It’s really about celebrating each other. When it comes to the food, stuff like caprese salad, or crackers and cheese are super simple and easy to prepare. Guest can try more of a variety of food if it is in small bites. It is also playful and fun. If drinks are involved offer a self-serve bar for the adult folks. They will appreciate that they can choose their own favorite beverages, rather than having to settle for something they do not like. Keep the little ones entertained with a kids table. Display fun and colorful things to do so they don’t bug their parents the whole time. You can even set up a kid friendly movie in the other room to keep them happy.


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