Why USHEALTH Group is a Top HealthCare Insurance Company

USHEALTH Group, which is based in Fort Worth, TX, aspires to be the leading provider of healthcare insurance. It aims to do so through National Foundation Life Insurance Company and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, its subsidiaries. USHEALTH Group seeks to achieve that objective through the provision of innovative products that meet the health insurance needs of families, individuals, small companies as well as their employees. The company has been serving its customers for over 50 collective years. It currently has over 15 million customers.

When it comes to creating products for its clients, USHEALTH Group understands that their needs are different. Thus, it offers all its clients an array of options so that they can decide which one works best for them. With their products, USHEALTH Group aims to meet a customer’s need for reliability, affordability, and flexibility.

For customers who are worried about having to deal with high deductibles or are on a limited budget, the firm has products created with them in mind. These products provide first dollar benefits and huge network discounts for covered services. The plans are quite affordable compared to plans that are more comprehensive. At the same time, they provide customers with the assurance of a limited protection plan and first dollar protection.

No matter the type of coverage that a customer chooses, USHEALTH Group ensures that they enhance protection through their ancillary products. In a market characterized by high customer service, the company prides itself on being different from the rest by developing long-term relationships with clients.


USHEALTH Group products are offered through its subsidiary USHEALTH Advisors. Therefore, customers are assured of a flawless buying experience in the complex world of health insurance products. The USHEALTH Advisors’ agents are well trained and certified to represent USHEALTH Group products competently.

The company’s commitment to offering its customers personalized attention is what has earned USHEALTH Advisors recognition the world over. Each day, more people are turning to USHEALTH Advisors for their health insurance needs. It is proof that its products are of high quality and they fulfill the needs of customers as expected.