Tips And Tricks To Simplify Party Planning

Throwing a party can be stressful. You have to get the food, decorations, guest list, and everything together and on time. This is even more stressful if you have to do it by yourself. Save yourself that headache by following these easy tips to make the whole process a lot easier. Good luck!


Create a fun and engaging theme. Nothing is too much, let your creativity be your guide. For example you can throw a 20’s party, have a clown theme, or design a Paris themed party. You can even design a cocktail to fit the theme. You can make a fancy Paris themed Champagne drink. Keeping with the theme do not forget to send out invites and get party favors. Guests that receive invites have something to look forward to and party favors are a nice gesture of gratitude of guests coming. Keep them simple and fun.


When it comes to the tables and food, keep it simple and delicious. Decor can be colorful, but does not have to smack someone in the face with complexity. It’s most likely that guests won’t focus on the decor, but other people. It’s really about celebrating each other. When it comes to the food, stuff like caprese salad, or crackers and cheese are super simple and easy to prepare. Guest can try more of a variety of food if it is in small bites. It is also playful and fun. If drinks are involved offer a self-serve bar for the adult folks. They will appreciate that they can choose their own favorite beverages, rather than having to settle for something they do not like. Keep the little ones entertained with a kids table. Display fun and colorful things to do so they don’t bug their parents the whole time. You can even set up a kid friendly movie in the other room to keep them happy.


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The Golden Career of the Baltimore Leading Realtor Todd Lubar

Finally, the real estate market in Baltimore is showing signs of a return to normalcy. Banks have arbitrated sales, and this has prompted a 7% bounce back in home prices. Modifications made by the stakeholders resulted in friendlier terms and conditions to the consumers. Prices rose about 6% from April 2015 – May 2016.

Todd Lubar had an interest in real estate for ages. He started this career after graduating from the University of Syracuse. Todd started up as the loan originator in Crestar Mortgage Corporation and then went on to become an expert in conservative mortgage banking. He formed an excellent rapport with real estate agents, CPA’s, financial planners and insurance agents to tap more information.

In 1999 Todd took up a senior position with a leading company (Legacy Financial Group). Few years after, he launched his company, Legendary Properties, LLC. The primary purpose was to sell, rehabilitate, purchase, and earn a profit from the prime residences targeting low to high-income people.

He then went ahead and opened up Charter Funding. After several years he noticed that the traditional lenders like banks weren’t fair to the disadvantaged individuals who desired to own homes. He started legendary Financial LLC, services. Todd had other business like scrap metal recycling, commercial demolition.

Who is Todd Lubar?

Todd is a well-established Businessman in Maryland, who has made a great impact on the real estate sector. Todd has been on the rank on top twenty-five influential on the property in the country. He attended the University of Syracuse and graduated with a BA in speech communication. See,

Career Achievements

  • In 1995 his first employment was in Crestar Mortgage Corporation and worked as the loan originator.
  • In 1999 Todd worked with Legacy Financial Group where he grew the Maryland office which started producing over 100million dollars in twelve months over loan volumes.
  • He continued to work with the Charter Funding as their senior vice president in 2005
  • He founded the Legendary Properties, LLC and also Legendary Financial, LLC services that incorporated to become Legendary investments and is also the senior VP.
  • He is the current president of TDL Global Ventures

To learn more about Todd Lubar, check out his social pages on Facebook and Crunchbase.

Go Fabletics, Beat Amazon

We Americans are odd. We love success almost as much as we love an underdog.

Take Fabletics and Amazon as an example. Amazon was a young upstart once, fighting the brick and mortar retail foundations of our country. It could have crashed and burned, but we all know how that story has gone. Amazon is a household name. Most of us have the trademark curved arrow boxes around the house and it’s difficult to find anyone who has not ordered from the Amazon jungle.


As a result of diligent effort and perseverance, Amazon has become a giant and now commands 20% of the clothing Ecommerce market.


Enter Fabletics, a small start-up, designed to appeal to fitness fashionistas who want to keep in shape in the most current styles available. Fabletics has similar roots to Amazon. Rather than going the physical store route, Fabletics elected to go directly to Ecommerce, thereby building an electronic customer base before opening any actual stores, exactly as Amazon did.


The twist on the story is called reverse showrooming. The Fabletics and Amazon showrooms are electronic; there was no mall store customers could visit to try on and touch the merchandise. Stores such as Macy’s began with physical entities, call them showrooms, and progressed to electronic stores based on their success as actual showrooms.


Here is where Fabletics takes another interesting turn in their success story. Rather than simply offering customers their line of clothing through advertising and the Internet, Fabletics sought to garner a strong customer base through subscription. Fabletics debuted their fashion-forward line of fitness apparel by offering steeply discounted, quality clothing to customers willing to open a subscription with them.

This Fabletics shopping club is called the VIP club. To sell this concept, Fabletics had to take reverse showrooming another step, relying on their confidence in the quality of their product and the excellence of their customer service. VIP membership entitles members to the excellent value initial purchase and a monthly, curated outfit delivered to the customer’s door.


To make this work, Fabletics had to develop excellent customer service and a very liberal VIP membership policy. They knew that their customers would not be happy receiving piles of unwanted clothing identical to the clothing their neighbors were receiving every month. Fabletics added customization to the VIP deal. They track what customers like and how they use the provided clothing through observation of their purchases and quizzes on their preferences. With this information, Fabletics was able to offer a curated, fashionable, quality delivery to each customer each month.

With this dedicated VIP base on which to rely, Fabletics is now opening stores in malls and towns around the country. The combination of online and physical stores is giving Amazon a challenge for that 20% of the clothing market they have been used to command.


Fabletics will never be another Amazon; that is not their goal or desire. However, they are coming from behind with interesting marketing ideas to face the Amazon Goliath and doing so with admirable success.

Why USHEALTH Group is a Top HealthCare Insurance Company

USHEALTH Group, which is based in Fort Worth, TX, aspires to be the leading provider of healthcare insurance. It aims to do so through National Foundation Life Insurance Company and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, its subsidiaries. USHEALTH Group seeks to achieve that objective through the provision of innovative products that meet the health insurance needs of families, individuals, small companies as well as their employees. The company has been serving its customers for over 50 collective years. It currently has over 15 million customers.

When it comes to creating products for its clients, USHEALTH Group understands that their needs are different. Thus, it offers all its clients an array of options so that they can decide which one works best for them. With their products, USHEALTH Group aims to meet a customer’s need for reliability, affordability, and flexibility.

For customers who are worried about having to deal with high deductibles or are on a limited budget, the firm has products created with them in mind. These products provide first dollar benefits and huge network discounts for covered services. The plans are quite affordable compared to plans that are more comprehensive. At the same time, they provide customers with the assurance of a limited protection plan and first dollar protection.

No matter the type of coverage that a customer chooses, USHEALTH Group ensures that they enhance protection through their ancillary products. In a market characterized by high customer service, the company prides itself on being different from the rest by developing long-term relationships with clients.


USHEALTH Group products are offered through its subsidiary USHEALTH Advisors. Therefore, customers are assured of a flawless buying experience in the complex world of health insurance products. The USHEALTH Advisors’ agents are well trained and certified to represent USHEALTH Group products competently.

The company’s commitment to offering its customers personalized attention is what has earned USHEALTH Advisors recognition the world over. Each day, more people are turning to USHEALTH Advisors for their health insurance needs. It is proof that its products are of high quality and they fulfill the needs of customers as expected.